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Getting started

I checked on amazon for dvds today and although I couldn't find anything interesting (what is actually not that bad at all, seeing how I haven't got any money) there were still some... fascinating movies.

For example there was "Lautlos im Weltraum" (the German title). Yeah, makes sense. I'd love to see how they try to be anything else than silent in space. There is no sound out there. No material. No sound. Maybe they'll make a movie named "noisy in the rock-concert".


Something else: I was perfectly aware of the fact that Christopher Lee participated in one or two Dracula-movies. However what I wasn't aware of is that he played Dracula in at least eight movies, one of which bears the wonderful title "Dracula jagt Mini-Mädchen".

I love this world, where the art of the moving picture is held so very high.


Anyway. I started with the book on French grammar I got myself in the library the other day. Actually I didn't learn anything I didn't already know, but so what, I did get started, and that counts a lot.

At least I think so.

I'm tired... I couldn't manage to do more exercise than fifteen minutes of jogging, because it was already getting dark. And I still have some pain in my legs from tuesday. I don't think that I should exaggerate physical exercise, regarding the fact that I wasn't so much of a sporting person for years. Actually I could have been considered the complete opposite of athletic...

Maybe I should just do some "shaping" exercises for my legs/bottom - I can do these at home - and then go to sleep.


But, first of all, I'll go for some gaming, yay!

12.7.07 23:14

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