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There's something that is really, really bothering me. I need you, and you aren't here - of all my friends you are the one who could tell me how to deal with this situation. I know that you have felt just the same some time ago, that I was in precisely this situation before, but playing a different role.
Now I took over your part, and I'm sitting here with no clue at all about what I'm supposed to do.
And you aren't there to help me. It's another week until you will be back, and I'm supposed to have made a decision (rather: to accept that the past is over) until saturday or sunday.
Gosh, I'm freaking out. I need to talk to somebody who isn't concerned by this matter...
I don't even know where which feelings are coming from, and which one is true. What of all this is just my imagination, and on a more rational level what would be the right thing to do? 
Oh please, pluh-ease help me... 
23.8.07 20:41

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